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A question often asked is what kind of law a lawyer does, what area of the law is the focus of his or her legal practice. While Finn & Finn often handles issues about real estate, from routine closings to zoning changes and land use litigation, the primary focus of our firm is our clients. Their legal needs frequently involve more than a single area of the law and cannot be confined to only one specific category.

We would be happy to help you write a will or trust, set up a business or nonprofit, buy or sell real estate, resolve marriage and family law issues, or assist in other areas of general legal practice. We can also help you handle a commercial dispute or work your way through a painful foreclosure. However, clients also bring to us cases that require the kind of creative, outside-the-box legal approach for which our firm has become known.

For example, suppose there is a decaying building near your home or business, an eyesore, a nuisance which is dragging down the neighborhood and the value of your property. We have developed legal tools that may be able to solve this problem, often at the sole expense of the owner of the decaying building, and not you, our client.

We also have knowledge and experience in more complex areas like environmental law, animal law, and disputes between citizens and local government, from ordinance violations to major civil rights litigation. There is no fee to initially sit down with us, discuss your legal problem, and explore how we might be of assistance, and we always will do everything in our power to meet your legal needs or solve your legal problems within your budget constraints.

Our client-friendly office is located in a restored historic home near downtown Waukegan and has an adjoining parking lot for free, convenient parking. Even our front yard has been made appealing, with its native plants and rain garden earning recognition from the National Wildlife Federation and Conserve Lake County. No matter how stressful your legal issues may be, no matter the anxiety you might have about seeing a lawyer, you will feel comfortable at the office of Finn & Finn, not only with the surroundings but also with the personal concern, understanding, and attention you will receive.

Next time that a legal need or issue happens to arise in your life, we invite you to give Finn & Finn a call, set up a time to get together, and come in and talk confidentially with us about how we might be able to help. We can assure you of a pleasant, informative experience and look forward to our conversation.

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Attorney Newton E. Finn has retired as of August 1, 2015, after 36 years of law practice in Lake County, Illinois. He remains active in GreenTown Waukegan, Inc. and other community organizations and retains an active interest in legal and governmental issues. Mr. Finn, an ordained minister, is continuing is work as an author, focusing on social and religious commentary.
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Attorney Anna E. Finn Vinson and her husband welcomed their first child, Claire Hannah Vinson on April 1, 2015.

Amy Strege had the honor of being selected as the legal services panel member for the Good $ense Radio Show, part of the Good $ense Movement, Christian financial education curriculum that uses biblical principles to help transform finances and transform lives. Her contribution is to be the legal services professional on the panel of experts. You can find podcasts of recent episodes at or you can tune in each Sunday at 3PM on 1160 AM to hear the latest broadcast.

Recently our firm was honored when Attorney Amy Strege was recognized as the Lake County Bar Association’s Outstanding Young Lawyer. In an overflow celebration reception on February 27, 2015 at the ExMoor Country Club, Attorney Amy Strege and Appellate Court Justice Mary Seminara-Schostok were cited for their outstanding contributions to the Lake County legal community.

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The office of Finn & Finn, Ltd. was recognized by Wild Ones Journal for its use of native plants. See News & Publications for more details.